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Order a special burger they put that much sauce on it the bun fell apart and I was left with just the burger.

Clare, 11 Jul 2019

  Reply : Dear clare first of all sorry that you werent happy withbyour food. But it wasnt the sauce as special half pounder burger is too big for 5” burger bun and thats why we serve in kebab box not in burger box. Its recommended eaten with fork. Nonetheless we hope you will enjoy next time.

Lee, 08 Jul 2019

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Best food we’ve had delivered for a long time.

Mike, 01 Jul 2019

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The best pizza in town and garlic sauce

Piotr, 30 Jun 2019

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Say you are open till 1am but shut at 12

Matt, 25 Jun 2019

  Reply : Hello matt sorry about the situation. The shop is open until 01.00 but sometimes we have to stop doing delivery due to driver problems. Thanks

Donna meat and chips was cold , plus the mighty burger meal there was as a hair in the burger

Courtney Wilson, 09 Jun 2019

  Reply : I am afraid it wasnt to whole story. As u phoned us we replaced your order and u never mentioned about hair. We try our best to keep our service level as good as we can.

Easy to order online

Trudy, 08 Jun 2019

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Best takeaway

Jay, 04 Jun 2019

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then miss my drink

Adam, 03 Jun 2019

  Reply : Sorry to hear that please call us we will make it ip for u

Really hot and fresh

Jordan, 02 Jun 2019

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Thanks or a lovely dinner - you made my daughters day a very special one

Jonathan, 29 May 2019

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Excellent service great food always

David, 27 May 2019

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Love the food

Samantha, 25 May 2019

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Kalem, 22 May 2019

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Love it

Carrie, 15 May 2019

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Really great food speedy on delivery time

Katie, 14 May 2019

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Very polite and nice on phone Meat v v nice n nice salad but turned up stone cold and chilli sauce very watery and couldnt even taste garlic mayonnaise therefore it soaked through container paper and bag and grease n oil everywhere

Nicholas Mark Ulyatt, 12 May 2019

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don't show bad reviews

Sean Aggaa-Freeman, 08 May 2019

  Reply : ? we are showing all comments as long as they are stated promptly.In your case i am afraid things are not exactly as u said. First of all peppers comes with salad as a free item and if its forgotten its still a mistake but it is not a reason to make all order bad. Even though I personally brought chili peppers to you and this time you complained about there are only 5 in box. Dear sean we are not here to argue with any of our customers. We are trying our best

Our favourite.

Pete, 07 May 2019

Amazing food as usual, fast delivery, worth every penny

Michelle, 28 Apr 2019

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Really good service and the guys at the shop are always ready to help with what I need

Katie, 27 Apr 2019

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Absolutely the best food and service.

Jon, 27 Apr 2019

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Thank you

Przemyslaw, 23 Apr 2019

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Very nice, the only small thing was hardly any hummus in one of the pitas and loads probably too much in the other. Only a small thing but worth mentioning Always happy to order

Davina, 17 Apr 2019

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Michelle, 16 Apr 2019

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Very good

Michelle, 15 Apr 2019

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